how about 161 more like tonight

Theres not much the Mets did wrong in the opener tonight. Glavine threw a superb 6 innings, the bullpen pitched out of a bases loaded jam, their defense was solid, Everybody hit the ball.

Reyes had a few mishaps on the basepaths. Regardless of what Joe Morgan says, Reyes should have been on second base on the Tagutchi dropped fly ball. Getting picked off on the ol’ fake-to-third, throw-to-first move, isn’t the Reyes norm either.

Every time I watch an ESPN baseball broadcast, it makes me cringe. Did anyone else notice John Miller say they were at Shea Stadium? How do you even say that? I’ll take Gary, Keith, and Ron over any other broadcast team in the country any day. The commercials they’ve been running on SNY are classic.

Overall, as a Mets fan you have to be happy with tonights game. It’s only the first win in the marathon season, but it sure left me smiling.


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