Breaking out the brooms

Broom_2 First series of the year and we’re already breaking out the brooms. I like it. Hopefully, we’ll see the brooms quite often this season.

John Maine was superb tonight. So far, our first three starters have looked pretty **** good. Even the relievers have been solid.

I knew Beltran was due for a big night at the plate. Noone has a better home run call then Gary Cohen.

I hate to admit it, but Braden Looper didn’t look too bad as a starter. Larusa definately left him out there for a little too long. But he surprised me.

Another day off? …Ugh! The beginning of this season has been such a tease.   


One comment

  1. Jaq

    Hey! I just started a Braves blog and would love some friendly rivalry baseball chat with some Mets fans. It’s all in good sport and for the love of the game. Let’s enjoy the rivalry the Mets and Braves have been building over the years and talk baseball if you’re up for it. Love to keep an eye on your posts as the season goes on and get some good convo’s going. Tell me what you think.

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