Jim-my Ro-llins!

Had to smile on Monday with the Mets pulling off 7 runs in the bottom of the 8th, and Jimmy Rollins booting a potential double play ball that could have ended the inning. Maybe now Rollins will bite his tongue before he makes any other outlandish, far from the truth, beyond fathom, comments.

Lastings_milledge_2 Lastings Milledge has gotten a ******** two plate appearances so far this year. While Shawn Gree’s bat has come around, I still thought Milledge would have at least one start against a lefty at some point. The Mets take on Jamie Moyer tommorow so maybe he’ll get his start then. By Friday he’ll be in New Orleans as Mike Pelfrey is expected to make his first start of the season.

It kinda make me wonder why the Mets decided to bring him to begin with. They hardly used his bat and have gone with David Newhan as a Pinch Hitter and Endy Chavez as the primary defensive replacement. The team probably would have been better served carrying an extra reliever in the bullpen for the time being. I’d rather see a relief pitcher sit then see Milledge not get any at-bats.

Ryan Howard has homered against the Mets in 5 consecutive games. The longest streak since Hank Aaron did it in 1963.

I’m calling for David Wright to unleash the long ball tonight. I think he’s about due to start out the 2007 home run count.



  1. Baseball

    That over 50,000 people started chanting Jim-my Rol-lins all at once on top of his comments after an error shows why northeast fans are among the best in the game.
    Tell me what you think on our show…



  2. Jaq

    Yeah, Jimmy was probably trying to keep his team fired up about their chances in the East but sounds to me like he should keep those thoughts off the air if he doesn’t want all NY riding him for it. You gotta walk the walk. I haven’t been impressed with the Phillies yet this season and the Nats look abysmal. Fish are so young and may surprise us but I’m not counting on them to do much. I’m thinking if the Braves can hang in there we should see a good pennant race.

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