Bring on The Nats

Anytime you can win 2 out of 3 against a team in you division it’s a good thing. Although you can’t help but think about Oliver Perez imploding on us Wednesday night. It’s amazing that you can go from haveing such good control, to having none at all.

Speaking of amazing, how does Jamie Moyer get major league hitters out with a fastball that doesn’t break 80 mph?

So the weekend series brings on the Nationals. I don’t know weather to be happy about that or too cringe. I’m sure Manny Acta is gonna hve the team fired up upon making the return to Shea, but with their track record thus far, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be pretty.

Mike Pelfrey gets his first start of the season today, being called up from St. Lucie. You have to believe that the cold is going to effect his pitching at least a little bit. The way the Mets score early combined with the Nationals lack of early scorng should get him settled in pretty well after two innings.

Everyone but Delgado seems to be hitting the ball well. David Wright is managing to keep his hitting streak alive every night, but could be doing better in key situations. Moises Alou seems to absolutely crush the ball every time he gets up.


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